2 WAN 4 LAN using WAN failover

  • Been playing with this set up and it works well.

    My WAN failover connection is a cellular firewall.

    I have trying to configure a rule from one LAN to LAN side of cellular firewall with no luck.

    Thinking it may have to do with it being the failover gateway?

    The failover WAN IP interface configuration is DHCP

    The subnet mask is /29 and gateway address is on the LAN side of the cellular firewall.

    Mostly just want SSH/Telnet access to said IP.

    On the firewall rules section WAN2 tab set up a rule with the source IP mentioned above going to destination of one LAN (of 4).

    Not sure if this has to do with the failover pieces or me not configuring the firewall rules correctly.

    Please help.

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