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  • Hello everybody,

    How can I set my nat setting that when an outsider user wants to connect my pfsense subnet they will again have the same ip after nat translation?

    For example, if there is a user with a ip , wants to connect my pfsense subnet, how should ı arrange my nat table that it will again have this ip, after nat translation.

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    He?!?!?  :o ???

    Perhaps describe the GOAL here instead.

  • I think it was quite explanatory , why wouldnt u understand sir?

    I say that, I have a computer that has pfsense on it, so what I want is, some user from outside of the network for example with the IP, wants to connect ınternet vıa usıng my pfsense network,so when it will try to connect my pfsense subnet, pfsense will give it to new ip after proceeding NAT, so it will have a new ip like a but ı dont want this, ı want it to have exactly same ip like it has before, so how can i do it?

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    Your user "from outside of the network" will not be able to connect at all… wrong subnet, wrong GW, no route back. Dunno what problem are you trying to "solve" here.

  • Dude it is like this we have company here and we re thinking about to place a pfsense access point to refactory so that people there can connect to ınternet vıa pfsense, so its actually local area network ınsıde to company rıght?and we wıll use pfsense to block some sites and put lımıtatıons, so when people wants to connect ınternet  they wıll fırst have ıp from ınsıde the company with DHCP thanks to wireless , so after that they wıll enter to pfsense access poınt, so ı want them to have same ip again they obtained from DHCP after they connect to Pf sense

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    Then route and do NOT NAT the traffic. System - Routing - Gateways/Routes.

    P.S. FreeBSD is an absolutely horrible platform to run wireless AP on. Draw some network diagram on what you plan to do to get some input.

  • thanks I'll try it out !

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    Yes, a diagram here would help a lot. It's not obvious to me what you're trying to achieve.


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