Different traffic data - vnstat and mailreport

  • Hi Everyone,
    i'm using pfsense 2.2.2 with 9 physical interfaces, one of them is wan the others are used for around 30 vlans.
    We have a public class C network and split it in different blocks for customers.
    Everything works perfect but i got one small anoying problem.
    I'd like to know the montly traffic so i installed vnstat2 package (1.12_3 installed). vnstat looks like it's working fine too.
    To get a montly report by mail i installed mailreport (2.3) and thats where the "problem" is, the traffic data from vnstat and mailreport are different.

    I created one report where every interface is listet like this:
    WAN :: Traffic inverse month previous
    Frequency: monthly
    Day of Week: Saturday (i cant change it to "none", anybody know if this is a problem?)
    Day of Month: 1

    So I get a Report at the beginning of the month that shows the last month traffic.

    I tried it with some different settings but what i get is e.g.:

    June 2015    in 3.43 TB out 2.82 TB total 6.26 TB
    June 2015    in 4.08 TB out 3.11 TB

    June 2015    in 25.69 GB out 12.00 GB total 37.69 GB
    June 2015    in 26.79 GB out 5.84 GB

    June 2015    in 986.90 GB  out 640.10 GB  total 1.59 TB
    June 2015    in 1.02 TB out 655.22 TB

    Anybody got an idea what value is the actual used traffic and how to correct the other one?

    Thanks a lot!


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