DDNS hostname options

  • I'm interested in using DDNS to support VPN access to my home network. I am not interested in providing public (or private) access to any individual hosts or services (http, ftp, etc). I emphasize this because I think it might make a difference in how things are set up. With that background, let me get on to my question:

    It seems that the DDNS providers have a domain(s), and they assign your hostname as a subdomain. For example, the DDNS provider uses "ddnsprovider.com", and they would assign a subdomain (e.g. glimpse.ddnsprovider.com) which I could then use to reach the WAN interface on my pfsense fw. At least this is my understanding of the hostname assignment process.

    However, what I would prefer is something along these lines: I would like to use a hostname that is associated with a domain name that I own; e.g. glimpse.com, and use "mypfsensefw.glimpse.com" as the hostname. Unfortunately, my hosting provider (hostgator) is not into this - at all. However, I can create a subdomain manually from the cPanel interface.

    And finally, my question: Is there a "good" (see below) way to use all of the above to create a hostname that uses my domain rather than one the DDNS provider provides, and still have it updated?

    "Good" for me is that I can generate an OpenVPN client config in pfsense that works with my Viscosity client without nagging, and manually updating things.

  • Just CNAME your domain's hostnames to your DDNS name.

  • Some domain registrars (NameCheap, Google, others) provide the ability to use your own domain name with some dynamic A entries. You might need to set up a custom DDNS provider if they're not pre-configured in pfSense.

  • @cmb:

    Just CNAME your domain's hostnames to your DDNS name.

    OK, so if I've got this, I will create a CNAME record in my DNS zone at hostgator which has the DDNS-assigned name (glimpse.ddns.com) as the canonical name (on the right-hand side) , and my preferred name (mypfsensefw.glimpse.com) as the alias (on the left-hand side)…

    mypfsensefw.glimpse.com  CNAME  glimpse.ddns.com

    Is that correct?

  • Yeah that's correct.

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