Windows 7 hosts can't ping each other; but can reach the internet

  • Hello All,

    I'm attempting to build a Windows environment where i hope to have a couple Windows Servers and a few Windows 7 machines all withing VirtualBox. I'm currently running pfSense 2.2.3 in Virtual Box; where it has to interfaces the first one has a dynamic ip form my router and the second one has and static ip for the LAN (I tried to set the WAN as a static IP but my clients would not reach the web; setting the WAN to dynamics does). I currently only have 2 Windows 7 computer that can connect to the internet but cant seem to ping each other. They are connected to pfSense through an internal network withing VirtualBox as well. Does anyone know of what setting may be missing that is preventing the two host from pining each other, while still being able to reach the internet when connected to pfSense?

  • Have you either disabled the Windows firewall on each client or allowed them to ping each other?  If they're both on the same LAN segment, pfSense doesn't even come into the picture.

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