What need package if I want create mail gateway?

  • Hello,
    I have mail server under pfsense inside and use 192.168.xx.xx IP address.
    I want create a mail gateway to filter spam mail and virus mail.
    What need package to create mail gateway?
    I know it's must have mailscanner.Could I need postfix forward package?
    I use pfsense 2.2.4.
    Thanks a lot.

  • My preference is to create a mail gateway on a separate Bastion Host located on a DMZ network.
    This avoids installing packages to handle mail filtering on pfSense.

    What other advantages can you think of for having a mail gateway on a bastion host?

  • @akong:

    Could I need postfix forward package?

    Postfix forwarder is a bit broken on 2.2.x - unless you want to try the workaround found here.

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