Help with DHCP

  • Hello- I am very new to PFsense and would love some input

    I am helping out at a missions hospital and my boss went away for a few months. The guy with the most knowledge gets thrown in when there is a problem and that meant me.

    The setup before the server failed,

    VSAT- Modem-PFsense on its own machine- Server running as DHCP from there to

    Meraki traffic shaper/router and the distributed throughout our hospital via switches.

    The server failed about 4 weeks ago and that meant no internet unless we hooked into the VSAT modem.

    As a temporary fix while rebuilding the server and waiting for hard drives to be brought out(both raided drives failed) I put in a router to act as DHCP, so the system went

    VSAT-Modem- Router - as DHCP starting ip's were then to the switches, this has been up and down but has seemed to work.

    I have rebuilt the server and am trying to decide what to do. If the server failed again I don't want to loose internet.

    My first thought and what I have been trying to do is to setup PFsense to run DHCP, so I assigned WAN as DHCP to get ip from the modem and then asked the LAN to be setup for and tried that, but it doesn't seem to be working.

    I have tried to go and get into the web config but I can't seem to get there.

    I must admit that I am totaly new to PFsense and would appreciate any and all help


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