Change Hardware and upgrade CARP cluster

  • Hi to all.

    I have to make a change of two servers running pfsense 2.2.2 with CARP mode.  I already have other 2 servers with pfsense 2.2.4 installed waiting for do the change with fresh hardware.

    My question is:

    • Can i keep Master old hardware running with CARP disabled.

    • Install fisicaly the hardware in rack

    • Login to fresh instalation and load the XML backup of slave saved before and assign the network cards

    • Translate VIP and CARP to slave (different Version 2.2.4)

    • Make the same with Master server new hardware.

    If you could advice me or make any corrections will be really welcome.

    pd: Some note, the pfsync and states are disabled becouse this bug make crash the slave Server actually.


  • Not really understanding the questions, perhaps a language issue.
    If I was moving to two new boxes with different hardware, this is how I would go about it-
    Backup config on both old boxes.
    Shutdown old backup and remove from rack.
    Rack the new master and backup.
    Restore the config from the old master onto the new master, adjust interfaces, etc.
    Restore the config from the old backup onto the new backup, adjust…
    Verify the new units are now showing any errors.
    Shut down old master.
    Move connections to new master and backup.
    Cycle provider equipment.
    Test inbound and outbound connections.
    Get a beer.

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