Strang problem, network devices somtimes not accacebel

  • hello,

    i have rolled out a wifi network on oure camping.
    but since a couple of weeks i have some strange problems.

    the network accecs point and the pfsense machine are somtimes not accecebel in these cases i even can't surf the internet.
    how can i find where the problem is.

    i use a rather old version of pfsense. Updating pfsense is a no go, this is because i have a low internet bandwith 4Mb down 1Mb up
    when i update i lose almost all my bandwith. i opend a discusion earlyer and there i get the advice to keep running this version.

    i run this setup now for 3 years and almost without any problems.

    please need some advice on how to discover this strange problem.

    my setup is :

    2.1-RELEASE (amd64)
    built on Wed Sep 11 18:17:48 EDT 2013
    FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE-p11

    a switch at the computer
    1 ap is  connected to the switch
    1 switch is connected to the above switch
    at this switch there is
    1 ap
    1 ap in bridge mode

    at the otherend is also a ap in bridge mode
    1 switch and 2 ap's

    so i hope some could help me with this, maybe some kind of logging on the netork devices ??

  • i'm a little bit further, after giving my laptop a static IP.
    in most cases all AP are acceceble but not pfsense.

    there is one thing when i ping them there is sometimes a timout and most of the time the ping time is at 250 ms

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