Pfsense and switch problems

  • Hi pfsense forum

    I have just bought an alix apu board with pfsense preinstalled. I have updated pfsense to version 2.2.4.

    I have this setup: Internet–---Pfsense router------5 port d-link switch-----24 port tp-link gigabit switch------computers and wifi accesspoints

    My problem is, that I lose connection to the router from the LAN site. I cannot access the Internet or the WebGui. When I shut the 24 tp-link switch off for a few seconds and I can again access the router and the Internet for a few minutes until the connection disappears again.
    I am totally at a loss about, what is happening. I am a total newbie in this. I actually think, that the lan connection becomes so slow, that the browser times out.

    I have tried taking out the network cable shortly between the d-link and the tp-link instead of switching the tp off. It did not work.

    I have tried removing the connection between the d-link switch and the tp-link and connecting a computer to the d-link switch. It works perfectly and stable.

    I have tried replacing the tp-link switch with an older 100 mbps 20 port 3-com switch. It didn't work.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Take the D-Link out of the picture completely and see if that clears things up.

  • Internet –-- pfSense Where here in this picture is the modem? Is there a modem or a second router in the game?
    And yes I would be also putting the D-Link away, what kind of switch is the D-Link, 100 MBit/s?
    Perhaps a Duplex miss match?

    I have just bought an alix apu board with pfsense preinstalled.

    From where you got it? Varia or pfSense store?

    I have updated pfsense to version 2.2.4.

    And did you must reassign the LAN Ports over the console?

  • Thank you for your answers.

    I have a fibermodem between the pfsense and the Internet.
    I have no other router disturbing things.

    I have removed the D-link switch - but with no luck.

    I have bought it used from a Danish It store. I dont know, where it originally comes from.

    I have attached a screenshot of the Lan settings.

    Thank you for your interest and help.

    Greetings from

  • My suggestions

    1. Remove the D-Link from the setup
    2. Disconnect all devices from the TP-Link
    3. Add devices ONE AT A TIME back on to the TP-Link and test for access.
    4. Stop when you find the bad device, fix the device's problem.

    If that doesn't isolate the problem, do a factory default config on the TP-Link and try again.
    If it's still an issue try another switch.

  • First of all, thank you for you suggestions and your help.

    I have solved the problem.

    I did what divsys suggested: I removed all units from the TP-Link and added them one at a time. Each time, I waited some hours to make sure things were stable.

    When I added one of the accesspoints, an Asus RT-AC87U Router set up as an accesspoint, the connection disappeared again.

    I then updated the firmware in the router and voila - it has now been stable almost a day :)

    Greetings and thanks from

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