How to configure src.nat ?

  • Hire is my Network.

    –------                                                          ---------
        PC>| Mikrotik |>--------> |            |--|
                                                        | Router  |                                                        |Pfseanse |  |
                                                        ---------                                                        ---------    |

    I hav Pc with connect to Mikrotik router.
    Mikrotik is connect to Pfsense with
    On Mikrotik I hav add rout Destination Gateway
    When I add nat on mikrotik src. addres  src.nat evrything is OK end i have internet on my PC.
    But my problem is thet I want to Nat pc addres on pfsense, without src. nat on mikrotik.
    Can anyone help on this problem ?

  • Yes I red this, but I did not find enithing that I needed !

    I try in nat >> outbond add Interface Wan, Source network
    and Rules >> Lan source network

    But everything I try in  last few days  is unsuccessful !

    Can you tell me little precise what I need to do ?

  • Can you show a screenshot of your AoN rules and your LAN rules?
    What you describe seems right but maybe you have a typo or something like that.

    Did you also add a static route for the 10.100.206.x/24 subnet that points to ?
    Otherwise pfSense doesnt know that the 10.100.206.x/24 subnet exists. (system –> static routes)

  • My problem is thet I didnt add static route.

    1. I add  static route, bat everything is the same.
    2. reboot pfsense end internet is stop working.
    3. delete every nat end rules.
    4. add nat end rules the same thet I add before delete.
    5. everything is OK !!!!!!

    ;) I dont have Courage to reboot Pfsense again !

    The reason for everything is thet I want to limits numbers of connection subnet .
    What is default in Firewall: Rules: Edit
    Simultaneous client connection limit
    Maximum state entries per host
    Maximum new connections / per second
    State Timeout in seconds