Post 2.2.2 upgrade issues

  • Ok first off my box completely died going from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2 (my own fault for not reading release notes), but it was old and needed to be replaced so I did a scratch build on a new server with 2.2.2.  Ever since every time I upgrade the system comes up with no WAN connectivity and I have to hard shutdown the box and unplug the power.  Once I plug back in power and boot it up it comes up properly but without any of my installed packages.  I just have to reinstall them and it seems to work but this makes me very leery with every update.  Not sure if this is a one off issue or if there are any logs I can give you guys to help troubleshoot it.  Just an FYI and let me know if I can provide anything to help.

    Either way thanks for the product and the work everyone puts into it.

  • Just to add another note I have to reboot it every 5 min for an hour or so before it finally keeps WAN connectivity.  It's running my local VLANS so when it comes up I get connectivity between networks but it drops WAN.

  • First, upgrade to 2.2.4. Nothing along those lines that was fixed that I can recall but you're best off on the latest for a variety of reasons. No potential gotchas like the super slow boot on some hardware with no serial console enabled that 2.2.2 had.

    Then if it still happens, need more info. What type of WAN (static, PPPoE, DHCP, …)?

  • It is upgraded to 2.2.4 and I've had this issue upgrading from a new install at 2.2.2 to both 2.2.3 and 2.2.4.  I'm wondering if it has something do with the suricata package, that package disappears and has to be re-installed (it remembers settings but doesn't show up as installed).

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