Hardware Requirements for 20mbit throughput

  • What are the minimum hardware requirements for load balancing 2x10mbit WAN connections? Will a P3 500mhz with 128mb RAM be sufficient - I think I have another 128mb stick lying around.

    Can you bind traffic to a specific wan connection by source/destination IP range, Port, traffic type…?  At the moment I'm using an edimax dual wan router which does everything I want except for two things; it only handles ~15mbps WAN to LAN (with all QoS/firewall features disabled) and the router needs rebooting to apply any changes which drives my houesmates mad as they are always gambling online at the time.  Hopefuly pfsense can sort this out and give me a nice samba server :)

  • A wrap (266 MHz Pentium Class CPU, 128MB, SIS NICs) can do up to 32 mbit/s down max so your system should be ok for your load (unless the 10 mbit are in both directions and you use both to the max, then it might get close to the edge I think). Adding RAM won't hurt of course and depending on the packages you want to use it is recommended.

    There is no samba package available yet.

  • A PIII 500Mhz can do 80Mbps to 90Mbps with just a single WAN connection (WAN->LAN, LAN-WAN), using packet filteirng and NAT.
    (Same with a VIA C3 1Ghz…But I was using Intel NICs)

    Once you start adding things like Squid, Samba and such, it drops down.

    It won't be a problem for 2x 10Mbps lines.