Add public subnet IP on main public IP

  • Hello,

    I have from my ISP an public subnet XXX.XXX.73.24/29  routed on main public IP XXX.XXX.212.8/22 gateway XXX.XXX.212.1
    In pfSense i have on WAN the main IP, on LAN XXX.XXX.73.25/29 , and on LAN computer XXX.XXX.73.26-30/29

    All works fine but  if i check my IP on i get the main IP, XXX.XXX.212.8 intead of IP from XXX.XXX.73.24/29.

    What setting i need to do? I know that NAT should be disabled, i disabled but internet is down, also after adding static routes.

  • Solved by setting to LAN in pfSense as Gateway the main IP and with NAT enabled with default settings :)

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