Wake on wan the pfsense box

  • Hi,
    lately here in florida it has been raining alot and the electricity cuts off for a few seconds and goes back on.
    i was out of the house when it happened and i needed to connect to a computer at home remotely.

    is there a way to remotely turn on the pfsense box instead of having to come home and push the computer power button on?  or a way to simply have the pfsense box turn on automatically like every regular home router once electricity is restored?

    the setup i am using is  Intel D2500CCE Atom D2500 Dual LAN & Dual COM Mini-ITX Motherboard, BLKD2500CCE with the M350 Universal Mini-ITX PC enclosure PicoPSU compatible;

    thank you for your help

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    That'd be a setting in your BIOS. No WOL needed (or possible). If there's no such thing, then tough cookies.

  • I will look see what i can find in the bios.

  • Access the system BIOS (F2 during boot, after POST) and inside the Power menu there's an option "After Power Failure".
    Set it to "Power On" to keep in on all the time from the moment it's plugged into a power source. Or "Last State", so the system returns to the state it had before the power failure, that could be on or off.

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