NAT rules for bubble network

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    I would like to isolate some servers in our network from production network, but still allows some services to work. This is my situation

    –-----------------------          ----------------------------------------        ------------------------------------------                  ------------------
    |            |        |  Palo Alto router - only routing      |        |      pfSense router with NAT          |                  | bubble server |
    | production network |-------| if1          if2 |------| WAN    LAN 30.0.01|---------------|        |
    -------------------------        -----------------------------------------        -----------------------------------------                    ------------------

    I can see that a packet from my production network (let's say client with IP address gets to my bubble server with no problems so it looks like NAT is working. But the problem is that source IP in packet is still (from production network) and that's why my bubble server doesn't send the response to the right address. I should somehow rewrite source IP address to go back to pfSense and than on pfSense send the response to the right client. Any idea how to do this?

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  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Huh??  Why do you have the same lan network on pfsense as your production network??

    You have 30.0/16 on your production network and then you show 30.0.0/?  This would overlap.

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