PFSENSE vs standard routers

  • I'm currently looking into and trying to decide which would be the better way to go. Should I bill the PF sense box, should I purchase PF sent box, or should I use a standard off-the-shelf router?

    I'm currently looking into deploying this configuration into an office, which needs security and the ability to audit and control information tightly.

    How easily is the software-based router/Hackable?

  • pfsense has a lot more options for that than a off-the-shelf router.
    maybe if you get a really expensive one that is for big companies that need security. But then pfsense is cheaper/better.

  • Definitely another vote for a pfSense solution.

    As far as build or buy, to me that depends on your budget vs what you have available in spare parts/time/build apptitude.

    As far as "Hackability" check through the forum over the last 8+ years.

    There's no such thing as an "unhackable" piece of gear that works in your network, but pfSense is a very active open source product.

    IMHO it's also a very effective, safe and stable choice as well.

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    What off the shelf "router" are you looking at?  Some home POS or business firewall/router from say cisco or sonicwall, etc.?

    You do understand that every router/firewall out there runs software right??

    What are you looking to audit?  Changes to rules, connections allowed/blocked through the firewall?  Where users go on the internet?

  • Depends on your personal needs.
    I have been an avid consumer router buyer, always chasing the last product….and after a couple of year I have been soon disappointed. I don't trust proprietary firmware on consumer router/firewall, I cannot afford and I don't need an enterprise router/firewall, I love open source and build something.
    pfSense gave me a lot of solutions: open source, very active and professional community, solid software, easy configuration for a home LAN...I put pfSense in a pretty good hardware (see my signature), I will not look at consumer router/firewall anymore. My Netgear R7000 and WNDR3700 have been downgraded to AP.

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