Can't run without graphics card

  • Hi

    Since version 2.2, I can't run without graphics card, before it was no problem to install and then remove the graphics card to save power.
    Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?

  • How about some details on hardware and what error you are seeing? I've installed 2.2.x on a bunch of boxes without video cards.

  • how much power do you gain by removing a low-end gfx card? (i would really like to know)

  • nothing's changed in that regard. Majority of the hardware we sell doesn't have a video card, serial console only. You will want to enable the serial console so you have some means of connecting.

  • Since you say you remove the graphics card that would imply a desktop or workstation type motherboard. If so check your BIOS to see if it's set to halt on all errors at boot and if so change it to none. I had to do this on my motherboard that wouldn't boot without a keyboard and mouse attached.

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