Traffic graph not displaying for LAN and Sync interfaces

  • I did a fresh install on my primary firewall (fw1 was crashing fw2 every time I enabled HA Sync, so I just did a fresh install on both)… the traffic graph is  not displaying my lan and sync interfaces on fw1 (works fine on fw2, it worked fine on fw1 before the upgrade....previous version was 2.2.2, now running 2.2.4.).  Any idea on how I can fix it without doing a fresh install again?  (notice in the screen shot, I've clicked on the box in the upper right hand side to expand, but only the WAN interface shows anything.

    First screen shot is with the arrow expanded (but not showing anything), second screen shot is the arrow not expanded.


  • There were Java Script changes to that in 2.2.4 - refresh you browser completely to load the update Java Script modules - ctrl-F5

  • Genius!  THANK YOU!!!

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