PfSense LAGG to Cisco Nexus Port Channel

  • Trying to connect a pfSense firewall to a Cisco Nexus switch with two 10Gb connections.  I am using Dell Servers with Chelsio nics.  On the pfSense side I have LAGG0 configured to use LACP and assigned to the WAN interface.  The two interfaces in LAGG0 are cxl0 and cxl1.  On the Cisco Nexus side I have a Port-Channel configured to use LACP mode Active.  cxl0 is connect to Eth1/3 on the Cisco side which is in the port channel.  On the pfsense side when I do an ifconfig I can see that cxl0 is UP and Active.  On the Cisco side I see that Eth1/3 is bundled in the Port Channel but is down with a status of Hot standby in bundle.  Anyone have any experience with using pfSense LAGG with Cisco Etherchannel?

    Thanks in Advance!

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