LAN cannot access Internet

  • ok i have my pfsense box up and running fine for about 1 month but few days ago LAN cannot access internet. By saying that i mean users open a browser, type in a URL and it returns "safari cannot get xxx because cannot reach the server"
    I have turn off captive portal.
    strange enough, i can ping the website and get replies, no problem.
    i can also do nslookup and get replies, no problem neither.

    anyone having this issue?

  • Do you log your fw rules and then see whats getting through and whats being blocked in the fw logs?

  • nothing strange in the logs..
    now i have some update:
    changed to another PC running 2 Realtek NICs.. restore with the old config. EVerything back up running just fine !
    the old PC has 1 onboard Intel NIC and 1 Realtek NIC. It had some problems like this in the past too. So i think it could be the compatibility issues with the different NICs here.

  • In the docs you find some points that should be checked in that case:

    If the Router is connected to the ISP there's often an adjustment of the interfaces MTU required.

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