Exchanging WAN for LAN : possible ?

  • Hello all,

    I trying to set up a Contivity 1010 with pfsense.

    All fine till now (memory card, embedded version, assigning interfaces , webpages ok, …)

    I have set up LAN0 (fxp0) as WAN port, LAN1 (fxp1) as LAN port
    WAN port static IP
    LAN port static IP, DHCP enabled pool - 99

    Connecting a PC with DHCP enable on the LAN port receives ip .1.2 (reservation made for this adress in pfsense)
    Ping to give reply (PS : pfsense answers on ping request without rule for it ?)

    Connecting same PC with IP fix configuration and pingign to : no reply.

    My question : I start thinking that the WAN port is broken.

    Is there a way to keep exiting configuration and to exchange the WAN for the LAN port (as box answers on ping on the LAN site, i want to keep my config and do the same on the other fysical port)

    Or am I doing something wrong ?

  • interfaces>assign. Swap the nics using the dropdwonfields there, hit save and apply.

  • Humm…

    I did the exchange between fxp0 and fxp1 for WAN and Lan port but still not able to ping to fxp0

    I also tryed another hardware device (with the same pfsense smartcard) and also this one isn't giving a reply on fxp0

    So I start thinking it is something particular for this hardware.

    In the rs232 console windows, I receive  fxp0 : device timeout.

    I tryed already to connect with and without UTP cross cable.

    Anyone a solution ?

  • Probably everything is much simplier?
    1)Did you enable ICMP at WAN interface in rules?
    By default everything is allowed at LAN that is why you have icmp reply connecting to LAN.
    2) Does ifconfig shows WAN as up?
    3) tcpdump at WAN. Can you see arp request/response after connecting PC? icmp requests?

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