Mysterious (to me) vlan routing

  • Hey all, I'm fairly new to pfsense so please bear with me. I've simulated a network environment in GNS3 using several pfsense routers. I've created routing rules to facilitate communication between my networks and it works great.
    Recently I've added a vlan and it also seems to work just fine. I was very surprised however, when I tried to ping a host on my vlan from another host across the wan and got a response. I haven't created any routing rules that specify how to reach my vlan (which is a different network address). How is this happening? Is this normal?

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    Impossible to say with the information provided.

  • Should I dump my entire configuration? What would be the most effective way to present it for you?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate


    Maybe look around the forum to see what information is necessary.  Look at the diagram in my sig for the information necessary.

    Interface addresses, netmasks, and gateways, firewall rules, etc.

    A diagram is always best.

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