Enable both DHCP server and DHCP relay

  • I'm pretty sure it isn't an option to run both the server and the relay on the same box but I wanted to ask and make sure and see if anyone has any suggestions.

    I'm setting up multiple vlans on my network and my pfsense box is doing all the vlan setup and routing. Vlan 5 is running all my servers, printers, and wired devices on my network. Vlan 10 contains my wireless devices (some domain joined and some not) that authenticate to my AD. I also am setting up a vlan 20 for all my wireless guest traffic/BYOD.

    I would like devices on vlan 10 to use the relay agent in pfsense to get dhcp/dns from my windows server on vlan 5. But I don't want any connection from my guest vlan 20 to my domain vlans. So I was wanting pfsense to handle the dhcp and dns for vlan 20. But as I learned today it appears I cant have both the dhcp server and relay enabled together?

    So does anyone have any suggestions on how I could make use of both options or another way to do this? My best idea at this point is to get a level 3 switch and have it do the dhcp relay function so pfsense can still run the dhcp server?

  • Correct, you can only run DHCP server or relay. Relay binds to *:67, so they'd conflict if we allowed configuration of both.

    A layer 3 switch should be able to do DHCP relay in that case.

  • That is what I was looking for. Thanks for the info. I'm going to run with just one internal vlan for now until I can get a level 3 switch on in my budget. I appreciate your quick replay.

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