Watchguard M500 and T10

  • I have several watchguard boxes currently up and running. I was thinking about switching over to PFSense when the subscriptions run out. Does anyone have any experience successfully installing pfs on the M500 and or the T10 units?

    I currently have 2x M500 in cluster at my main office and 6x T10's at remote locations on vpn.

  • Netgate Administrator

    The T10 definitely not. It uses a chipset with (probably) an ARM CPU and pfSense only runs on x86/64.

    The M500- maybe. It seems Watcguard aren't listing the hardware specs any longer in much detail. If it's an X86 CPU then it may well run pfSense as long as Watchguard haven't locked down the BIOS. However they have use some non-X86 chips in similar appliances, the XTM330. The throughput figures imply something pretty powerful though. Check the boot logs if you can.

    Fun project.  ;)


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