Upgrade 2.2.2-RELEASE to 2.2.4-RELEASE -> IPSec to Azure stops routing traffic?

  • Had 2.2.2-RELEASE upgraded to 2.2.4-RELEASE.

    Had 2.2.2 had a rock solid IPSec VPN with Azure, after upgrade to 2.2.4 the traffic stops getting routed anywhere from 5 mins to 45 mins after connecting the VPN.

    Status on both PFSense and Azure show connected, but no traffic gets through.  If I restart the IPSec process, it works again for a while.

    Known issue?

  • I rolled back to 2.2.2 and everything works again.

    There is an issue in 2.2.4 for this type of set up.

  • There aren't any known issues there. Others using Azure have upgraded with no issues. What logs were you getting at the time it would stop working?

  • I've had the same issue (in 2.2.5), Azure tunnel seemed to be up, but no traffic. I think i have solved this by setting the PFS key group setting in the phase 2 configuration to Off. The tunnel has been up and functioning well for a week now. I'm not sure if this has any security implications though

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