2.2.4 and now I have Missing Aliases and … Duplicate Aliases

  • Hi,

    I updated from a clean 2.2.3 to 2.2.4, all was ok no problems.

    Strange problems appears:

    I had an alias Microsoft and I had to add another one Microsoft_updates all was ok; saved, apply no problems.
    I added also floating rule; saved, apply all was ok, logged out…

    After some time I seen that something is not ok; login and first message one rule invalid missing an old alias name... hmm now I remember that this was not the first time with this error message after I updated to 2.2.4... now I investigate more carefully:

    In Aliases I don't have that old alias from error, and also is missing the last added alias Microsoft_updates but I have another one duplicate Microsoft...
    see the screens.
    Of course to be able to delete one of the duplicate I had to delete the rule.... because it was in use.
    This time I added another alias MS_update and I made also the missing old alias.

    I think that this problem happen because the alias name was similar:
    Microsoft - Microsoft_updates... and it is easy to replicate the problem
    and you can see in the table that previous one Microsoft_updates is still there but empty...

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