MLPPP Status (Link Status)

  • Recently Jumped into the PFSense world.  Have a 6 port atom router from china, got it all up and running, still dealing with implmenting some of the controls (to limit the kiddies internet).  Have mlppp up, squid, a few rules etc.

    I should say I am not a hard core linux technofile, but I know enough to get myself into trouble.

    I can't for the life of me find an easy way to see my individual link status.  In tomato there was a display box telling me how many of my dsl connections were up.  Here I have bonded them, and can tell by my speed is working, but I have ongoing issues with my dsl connections, and know that in time one will puke, and other than a speedtest I am not sure how I can tell in PFsense as I did in Tomato.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I searched the forums and couldn't locate anything other than looking at the pppoe logs.

  • Have mlppp up

    MLPPP (MPLS) is a service that must be even supported on two sides!!!

    • The router or firewall must be capable to realize such service!
    • ISP must also support and/or offering such a service to his customers or clients!

    So this is no one way thing, it must be supported on both ends of the MLPPP (MPLS) connection.

    I should say I am not a hard core linux technofile, but I know enough to get myself into trouble.

    This is not really important because pfSense is based on FreeBSD.

    If your ISP is not offering you MLPPP (MPLS) as a service please set it up then more likes a
    Multi WAN connection by using the load balancing method.
    Dual WAN or Multi WAN load balancing can be often done in three different way;

    • policy based routing
    • session based routing
    • service based routing

    Gateway Settings
    Connectivity Troubleshooting
    Outbound Load Balancing
    Policy based Routing

    This few links above should help you out starting with your Multi-WAN set up

    • How many ISP Internet connections do you have?
    • Did you MLPPP (MPLS) got offered as a service from your ISP?

  • My ISP supports MLPPP, as I said, its working… Both links are up as per my ppp.log

    I would just like to find a way (and maybe I have to parse the log and create my own widget) to show current link status per ppp connection.. [wan] Bundle: Status update: up 2 links, total bandwidth 128000 bps

    So I would assume that the ppp.log would show if a connection goes down, and when I get a chance I will take one down my unplugging the phone line and see what the log shows.. Not sure if its only on initial connection, or on some fault that it is updated.. But before I went and reinvented the wheel, I wanted to make sure there wasnt a package/script someone else had made to do the same.

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