Terrible ping/LAG intermittently…please help!

  • I am having issues with a new pfsense box that i built.  I seem to be getting inconsistent performance while gaming or when streaming plex externally.  I have a decent pipe going out, 300/20mbps, and before this build was running pfsense from a laptop and usb dongle.  I was getting better performance with that machine, though i should be seeing much better performance with the hardware i've just installed.

    My new hardware is a Gigabyte GA-J1900N-D3V (Celeron J1900) with 4gb of RAM and a 60GB SSD I replaced in my main rig.  I originally thought it was an issue with the Realtek NICs so i bought a 2-port PCI Intel Gig Eth card, which hasn't alleviated the problem.  I have issues when playing DOTA2 on my main rig, which is a decent machine and never had issues before this setup.  I did just upgrade to Windows 10, but don't think that is the issue.  I will play just fine for a while, but every once and a while (~5min) I will see a spike of +1000ms and 30-40% packet loss or so.  This has been quite frustrating and i have tried traffic shaping and have looked at logs during that time period.  I am seeing no odd behavior on the pfsense side, but maybe i'm missing something?

    Plex is also inconsistent.  I am able to view content at the my cap of 20mbps externally, but it is inconsistent.  Even going down to 4mbps sometimes is inconsistent, but internally the machine is able to transcode this content just fine.  I have tested this thoroughly.

    This is why i believe it to be a pfsense issue.  Can anyone help me diagnose this?  Anyone have similar issues?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    I don't think OP was talking LAG as in link aggregate group.  I think he was talking lag like my gaming session is lagging.

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