Who here has Win6 ? lol (TYPE-O or TROLOLOL)

  • Hey guys,

    No "Win6" is not a type-o in my Subject I found the text like that in "2.2.4-RELEASE (i386) built on Sat Jul 25 19:56:41 CDT 2015" under VPN / OpenVPN  | Client Export | Windows Installers (2.3.8-Ix01): x86-xp x64-xp x86-win6 x64-win6…

    So type-o or Trololol

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    Actually, it's been 6.x all the way from Vista (referring to the build numbers.)

    Operating System Version @MSDN

  • neither? you must be new ;)

    Windows 10 15 July 2015 NT 10.0[1]

    Windows 10 Home
        Windows 10 Pro
        Windows 10 Enterprise
        Windows 10 Education
        Windows 10 Mobile
        Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise
        Windows 10 IoT Core
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    Windows 8.1 17 October 2013 NT 6.3

    Windows 8.1
        Windows 8.1 Pro
        Windows 8.1 Enterprise

    Windows 8 26 October 2012 NT 6.2

    Windows 8
        Windows 8 Pro
        Windows 8 Enterprise

    Windows 7 22 October 2009 NT 6.1

    Windows 7 Home Basic
        Windows 7 Home Premium
        Windows 7 Professional
        Windows 7 Enterprise
        Windows 7 Ultimate
        Windows Thin PC

    See Windows 7 editions
    Windows Vista 30 January 2007 NT 6.0

    Windows Vista Home Premium
        Windows Vista Business
        Windows Vista Enterprise
        Windows Vista Ultimate

    See Windows Vista editions

  • New to build # or well really just never care to know that info about windows, but I think in pass PF builds it said win7 not win6?!!?!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It's supposed to be "win6" there though I don't recall exactly if it was because it was for Windows 6.x and later or if it was also an indicator that it was NDIS 6-based drivers, or both. I recall taking the name from something on OpenVPN at the time I did it.

    Mostly it needed to be an easy indicator to say "Later than XP" without writing out Vista/7/8/10.

  • Word  ;) an yeah I can see how win6 would be better than "Vista/7/8/10/etc".. I just found it really funny when I seen that an I was like if this a joke or what? but like I said before I'm new to the keeping up with build #'s so really all n all I don't know and I cool with saying i'm wrong lol

    BTW keep up the good work  :)