Enter full pathname of shell or [Enter] for /bin/sh

  • Solution!

    In case anyone is receiving the
        "Enter full pathname of shell or [Enter] for /bin/sh"
    during initial install, here is one possible issue:

    • Background:  Installing pfSense to a former LAMP server
    • Failure:        Overlooked a Microsoft USB mouse still plugged in to the server
    • Result:          pfSense hangs up at USB driver install for that particular device with the above message
    • Suggestion:  Disconnect any USB mouse from unit before proceeding with install, if you are receiving this error.

    As always, the error message above is a generic message and any number of boot failures could cause it, including, but not limited to this one. However, this particular failure is now a confirmed failure, having achieved this result consistently for numerous boots (5+), and as such, you may want to use the information, here, to see if this "fix" works for you.

    {smiles at the word "fix"}

    _NOTE: In case you're new to pfSense, please be advised that pfSense does not require a mouse. This is just an entry to assist anyone who may have inadvertently left a mouse connected from a previous OS. A keyboard (PS2, USB, or other) is all that is required to setup and install pfSense. _

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