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  • hi i want to set up load ballance router type think i have spare pc with hd etc with 3 nc  i have 2 cards that are the  same i found them on list on net this came R1(4)
    BUT MY OTHER CARD ENCORE i cant find it on list to get code this is al that stoping me installing 1.2 can anyone help me get code
    code am lookin for is a encore 10/100mps fast ethernet pci adapter#2

  • Chances are that this card is not supported by the operating system and you will not be able to use it.  Please consult the supported hardware list for FreeBSD 6.2 before trying to use any network card.

  • ib found my 2 cards on list i got 2 same i get this

    wen in stalling i typed r1(4) and tried r1 r2 etc i get invalid name i al so got this
    warning invalid argument supplied
    for each ()/etc/inc/ online 1516

    i have 3 cards and old pc i put al 3 cards in thir ,so do i plug 3 cards up in my old pc or pc am on now/?

  • What does it list below
    Valid interfaces are:

  • comes up with  vro and a mac address to ive just lookd it the encore one thats playing up the other 2 are same thay ok so il neeed another nc as i have 2x20mb modems want to load balance them

  • it's not vro but vr0 (this is the number zero, not the letter "o").

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