MBUF Usage - Intel i350t4

  • Just installed Intel I350T4 NIC and the MBUF Usage jumped to 36 percent. What can I do to reduce this level? Is this level ok?

    Thanks for feed back

    G. Howard Krauss

  • Tuning and Troubleshooting Network Cards

    It depends also a little bit on the available RAM in your pfSense box, RAM is cheap to get these days
    and not anymore limited since 64Bit hardware is in the game and available. So 8 GB RAM or 16 GB RAM
    would be not the problem for you as I see it right.

    You can easily high up the mbufs size explained how to do so, shown under the link above.
    Mostly the users are thinking that something goes wrong if there a perhaps 256 MB till 1 GB
    of RAM will be used, but the entire mix of their hardware and art and wise of the usage of the
    pfSense box, so at this days it is not really wrong to hug up the amount of RAM.

    • 2 GB should be something as a good starting basis
    • 4 GB if VPN and high Internet and/or network usage is in the game
    • 8 GB if Squid and Snort are coming to that on top
    • 16 GB if money is there and your hardware is supporting it

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