PfSense questions

  • I have bought a managed switch for my homelab ProCurve 2810-24g and am trying to setup pfsense (virtualized on my R710).  So far here is what I have done.

    On the procurve I have created a vlan called vlan100 with the IP address from port 1-6.  The default vlan IP is

    My question is do I need to assign an IP address for the vlan on the switch?  If I do so how does my configuration change in pfsense?  Since this the vlan that my "lan" resides on in esx can I have pfsense assign DHCP addresses from (201 is my pfsense we management, 203 vsphere management IP).

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Why would you need a IP on your switch for every vlan?  Unless its L3 and you want to route on our switch?  Or you need a IP in that vlan on the switch to troubleshoot with.

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