Various ipsec preshared keys

  • hello

    1, under System/User manager we have Users and under the user there is IPsec Pre-Shared Key
    2. under mobile client ipsec phase 1 if you choose Mutual PSK + xauth there is also Pre-Shared Key
    3. under VPN Ipsec there is also preshared-key TAB

    in my SHrew Soft vpn client, under credential preshared-key ive tried using the keys under 3 and 2, and both works. So where are this diff keys intended to be.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    They each have a distinct purpose.

    Per-user PSKs are for Mobile IPsec that is PSK only (though these may also be entered on the IPsec PSK tab, they are on users for convenience)
    IPsec with Xauth PSK is the "Group Key" in clients
    PSK tab in IPsec is for entries that are not per-user, such as EAP entries, allusers entries for L2TP/IPsec, and so on.

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