Remote Access IPSec and routing problem.

  • Hi Everyone!
    I'm facing with some problems when I want to connect to my office from home.

    Here is the scenario. I have pfSense installed as depicted below. It has been working for a long time as a proxy only and hence, I don't have it used as a default gateway for users.

    Last week I was asked to configure a remote access vpn for en employee. I configured IPSec Mobile VPN Settings as was stated in the documentation.
    Configured port forwarding on my internet facing TP Link router to forward UDP 500 and 4500 to corresponding ports on pfSense.
    Aslo I configured a static route on a TP Link router to route packet destined to network /24 (which is a subnet I configured to be assigned to remove VPN users) to be forwarded to pfSense (

    I'm able to start connection from outside using Shrew Soft.(see screenshot please) I get assiged an IP from subnet.

    The problems starts when I want to ping and to connect to remote resources. I think I have some problems with routing because when I trace the IP (which is assigned to my remote resouce) I see this packet is being looped between TP Link router and pfSense.

    Please note that I have only 1 interface configured on pfSense wich is LAN.

    I would be very thankful if you help to resolve this issue. Thank you.

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