Multiwan Loadbalance High Latency Question

  • Hi,

    I have configure my pf to use both my internet connection for load balancing. Both on Tier1 and on High Latency trigger level. On some occasions like utorrent or internet download manager, both my wan works together to achieve higher speeds. Is there like a hack so that my WAN2 thinks my WAN1 is always on high latency hence making them work together always when im downloading? Or did I misunderstood the High latency trigger?


  • Simply stated, no.

    Your torrent program can open multiple connections and sessions, which as individual connections and sessions can be opened on two separate WAN connections. Therefore it can use all available bandwidth. However, a download is a single connection or session and can only use one WAN interface at a time. Binding WAN interfaces must be done at the ISP's site and cannot be done through pfSense.

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