L2TP - set server address

  • hi all,

    my pfsense LAN IP is -

    should i randomly make up a new network for my server address ie or has it got to be in my  pfsense network range ie -

    also what do i make the remote address range

    many thanks


  • VPN server address / subnet usually needs to be outside of LAN or other network you use on your firewall.

  • This is really all down to you and how you want to structure your network. If you want to keep your server addresses locally, then assign them an address in your local range. If you want to site them remotely, then site them remotely and give them a different class C address. A remote address range can be pretty much anything you like, so long as it's not the same as your local one and you have routing established to transmit traffic between the local and remote sites.

  • Ah makes sense now,  so i set it to my other networks gateway ip address, i have already created a static route for my other network on my pfsense and i kmow it works because i hqve port forwarded smtp to that network to send recieve email

    So my other gateway ip is

    So could my l2tp server address be

    Alsi my range can it be

    I will test this out tonight

  • i attach screenshots to see if im doing anything wrong

    i cant connect on my android phone, im typing everything in correctcly but it cant connect

    my pfsense ip lan address is


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