Ispec on hyper v ( help )

  • Hi, i wanted to play with ispec, see if i can get it working at home. Currently i have pfsence running on hyper V. Its all working i can logon to my pfsense on my virtual windows 8 machine. I had some help from a friend installing it so i am still clueless about most of it.

    What i wanted to do is; install another pfsense on hyper V and create another virtual windows 8 machine and see if i can get ispec working between those 2. Would that be possible ?  I have two virtual switches created on my hyper V private and external for my current pfsense server. But i cant create another external switch using same internet adapter. Can i use same switches for my 2nd pfsense server ? (sorry if its a stupid question  i just dont want to mess anything up)

    hope it makes sense, any help would be much appreciated


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