Dynamic DNS

  • Hi guys,

    Two question from my side regarding Dynamic DNS:

    • from everyone's experience, what's the best combination between Dynamic DNS service providers and Dynamic DNS?

    • I've noticed that when selecting the "interface to monitor" dropdown in the DynamicDNS client one can also choose a Gateway Group. Is it safe to assume that the Dynamic DNS IP will be changed with the active IP address in the gateway group? Furthermore, if the active IP fails and another gateway is used from that gateway group, the DynamicDNS IP will also be updated?


  • Host own DNS on a low cost virtual private server and set up RFC 2136 dynamic DNS.

  • Hi Noyb,

    Setting up my own DNS server is an option, however I would like to keep it as a gateway of last resort. I'm really trying to simplify my Operations as much as possible.

    Thanks anyway for the suggestion.

  • Hello everyone

    Quick update: for question (2) I've had the chance to test it and it seems to be working as advertised.

    For (1) I guess I'll just pick a Dynamic DNS provider and come back in a little while with our experience.

  • See: https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Dynamic_DNS

    I personally like to use Namecheap, but I haven't tried it in pfSense yet.

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