(SOLVED)Help needed trying 3 ADSL Balancing for LAN and Wifi.Screenshots include

  • Hello:

    I was trying to use pfsense as a router and load balancer (for output) for 3 ADSL, for a LAN and a Wifi network, using two fisical Ethernet cards and a Atheros Wifi one, but something doesn't work, I tried a lot of things but can't find my fault. In the network there is a computer serving DNS and DHCP, and two more serving webs and one of them ssh+sftp.

    I'm desperate, ¿could anybody tell my the stupidity i have done that is causing that problem? Screenshots of my pfsense configuration numbered from 01 to 16 (click in short by name, then in the first and you could open at big in another tab and see the next clicking in the thumb at right side) at:


  • You don't want to assign the physical interface where the vlans are running on. Also note that you need a vlan capable switch that is properly configured for this to work.

  • Thank you :) I decided to add two more ethernet cards and now is working like a charm.

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