Squid stops when using upstream proxy

  • hi

    my isp request me to use proxy, so if do, squid stops in seconds, on the other hand if i request my clients to use proxy on their machines, captive portal page will never come, but if they use the proxy on their machine after passing the portal page, every thing works great.  so what shell i do to both case:
    1- use the upstream proxy without having squid stops
    2- clients can see the captve portal page even if they have my isp proxy adress and port on their machines.

    thank you in advance

  • As a solution to #2 your users will have to set their browsers to not proxy your gateway/captive portal IP.  Both IE and Firefox have a 'do not proxy' field where you could enter the IP of the pfSense box.

  • hi, and thanks for the reply

    i already tried this, but didn't work, i don't know what's wrong.

    thanks again

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