2.3 snapshots ? how ?

  • topic is pretty self explanatory.

    is there any way to run 2.3 in a test/home environment ?

  • I see that Renato has been doing a lot of work on the 2.3 build environment. I guess he will tell us when he is ready to start a public snapshot build.

    • Because the PBI package thing is being removed for 2.3 and "package NG" used instead, then there is a bit of PHP code that I think is still to be completed for the implementation of that. And of course all the packages have to be built for the new system.

    • They are also slating the new "bootstrap" GUI for 2.3. So I don't know if they would be willing to build snapshots of the current master repo that has the existing GUI but the new package system. For me that would be nice to have, because then I can double-check that all the PHP code currently in master is working nicely, before "bootstrap" GUI is introduced. That would help when triaging bugs - to know if the bug came before or after "bootstrap" GIU.

    I will also be happy to try whatever snapshots are made whenever.

  • this bootstrap thing currently lives on a different github page right ? hows the progress on that project?

  • The bootstrap development is at https://github.com/SjonHortensius/pfsense

    FreeBSD 10.2 is well on track for release next week: https://www.freebsd.org/releases/10.2R/schedule.html

    I guess it will all come together soon.

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    The bootstrap merge is in progress as we speak. Usable 2.3 public snapshots shouldn't be far behind. We want to get all of that merged in first though, and then we can all start hacking away at it.

    The merge process is going to be fun though, its branch is quite a bit behind master and there are lots of conflicts. :-)

  • It might be worth making a branch just before any bootstrap code is committed to master. That would not be used for any release. But it will be a clear point in Git to check what the code looked like before bootstrap was merged.

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    No need for a branch for that, it could be a tag, but rest assured we're considering that (and many other things) trying to get things integrated without losing other changes/improvements.

  • Yes, it can be a tag. Just something that can be easily found and used as a known comparison point.

    FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE is out: https://www.freebsd.org/releases/10.2R/announce.html

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