L2TP/IPsec not working

  • hi all,

    i attach pictures of my setup and i was hoping you guys may shed some light on why this isnt working

    i have made DH key group in IPsec phase 1 to "2" or "14" but to no avail

    my pfSense LAN ip is, the reason i have made my L2TP server address/remote address range on the same subnet is because i just want to test it out

    on my android phone i have turned off wifi and on mobile data

    i have entered in the following -

    name - vpn
    type - L2TP/IPsec PSK
    server address - my pfsense WAN ip address
    IPsec pre-shared key - my IPsec key
    click save

    open up the new vpn i created

    username - l2tp
    password - l2tp user password

    it initialises but it doesnt connect

    any help, please

    many thanks,


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