How to activate LEDs on the Supermicro SYS-5018A-MLTN4?

  • Has anyone managed to get the LEDs activated on the SYS-5018A-MLTN4?  It uses the A1SAM-2550F MB.  I'm running pfSense 2.2.4.  I see /dev/led/igb0, igb1, igb2, and igb3.  I assume that some combination will activate the LEDs on the front of the case but I can't figure out the command.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

  • On this board are a Intel I354 Quad GbE controller on the SoC and one Intel I210-T1 as IPMI I think.
    And on both are the LED´s not on? Or do you talking here only from the quad port NICs?

    I see /dev/led/igb0, igb1, igb2, and igb3.

    This could be the Intel LAN Port related drivers for the LAN Port LED´s I am pretty sure.
    Pleas have a look in the BIOS if there will be an Option to set the front LED´s "on" or "off"
    or perhaps a jumper or DIP must be set up on the mainboard to activate or deactivate
    this LED´s. And if @jahonix is right with his point, the cable it often is not only false
    plugged in at the board, but in the case it will be also able to plug it in with the false side.

  • Stewart is talking about the front LEDs of this device.
    They are connected through an 18 or 20-pin header on the MB.

    Stewart, do you have the correct connection cable in place? Had to buy one separately in the past for a similar case and there were different pinning options and only one would work. But that's independent of software/OS running on the device.

  • IIRC the LEDs flicker from incoming traffic even if the OS is powered down (e.g. while in BIOS setup).  ::)
    But I'm not 100% sure if it was this exact MB, definitely the same case though.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Of the 5 LEDs on the front panel only the fan fail/overheat LED seems likely to be controllable but it's default purpose seems reasonable anyway.
    Did you mean something else?


    P.S. I actually lol'd at your UDP joke Jahonix.  ;D

  • Of the 5 lights, the first 3 never come on (of which the 2nd and 3rd are NIC lights), the HDD light flickers, and the power light stays lit.  The MB/Case is purchased together as a barebones kit so I doubt it is the cable.  Definately the LEDs I'm trying to affect.

  • Which of these ports do you use?

  • Sorry, got busy and forgot about this thread.  Right now I'm using the top two, so J and H.  I've actually been toying with the idea of using them as service indicator lights of some fashion instead of NIC activity or connectivity but I'd be fine either way.

  • @Stewart:

    Right now I'm using the top two, so J and H.

    PEBCAK - may I suggest looking up the board manual, please.
    It is explained that only the bottom two NIC LEDs G and I are on the front panel pin header, the other two H and J are located on a separate header.
    It's not too hard to find these infos yourself. And it has nothing to do with /dev/led/igb!

  • Perhaps it would be better stated if I said I CURRENTLY have it in J and H.  I've looked at the manual and tried all the NIC ports with no success.  I'm not an idiot.  And since the lights don't come on no matter what port I plug into, I thought it was a decent enough question to ask here.  I know with the APU1C/D units I had to manually activate the LEDs with scripts that we've written so I thought to myself, "Maybe this unit is the same way.".  You don't need to be so freakin' rude!

    Jahonix, let's try this.  Please don't respond in this thread unless you can be kind.  If others on here or I figure out what the problem is I'll post it here to let you know.  Thanks!

  • It took a multimeter to check, but it turns out it's the cable to the front panel.  SuperMicro has agreed to send me a new cable without me needing to send the whole unit back.

  • @Stewart:

    …turns out it's the cable to the front panel.

    Funny, right? That was the first question I asked.

    Why is a "sorry, you were right" so hard these days?
    I've done your homework and all I got was a "shut up until you're nice". Strange world.

  • Oh, come off your high horse, Jahonix!  Seriously, you asked if I had the correct cable in place.  You then went on to say you needed to get another cable because you had the wrong one.  Turns out that I do have the correct cable in place, it just has a broken wire in it.  No, you weren't right.  Nowhere in this thread were you right.  What if it turned out to be a bad header on the board?  Would you have been right because you mentioned "MB"?  What if it were the case shorting something out?  You mentioned "case".

    Snarky responses like yours make the barrier to entry to use projects like this so much higher than they need to be.  This should be an open forum where we can freely ask questions and share answers.  We all come across what we think are stupid questions.  Sometimes I'm even the one that asks them!  But for Heaven's sake can't we just be nice?!

    In the future, please don't comment in my threads unless you can stay civil.  Thank you.

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