Intel Pro/1000 GT Quad - Ethernet Frozen Problem

  • Hi anybody,
    i have 2 new machine
    Asus H61M-PRO Modherboard
    2GB Kingstone RAM
    320 GB HDD

    Intel PRO/1000 Quad Ethernet card. My system is stabil install and run.
    Start download, frozen my PFSense.


    Change Ethernet card, work any time
    USB Ethernet or 1 slot PCI Ethernet, Onboard Ethernet.

    But never work Intel 4 Port...

    Anyone help to me?

    System log

  • After making the process you mentioned deadlock continued.
    But as soon as he hangs before downloading begins. We have a little more time locked up longer. I can download a 100MB file.
    But still it hangs.

    I do transactions:
    System > Advanced, System Tunables tab.

    Click "+" to create a new entry if it does not exist.
    Set the Tunable field to kern.ipc.nmbclusters
    Set the Value field to 1000000 or the desired number.
    Click Save
    Click Apply Changes

    Create /boot/loader.conf.local

    Add this line : kern.ipc.nmbclusters="1000000"

  • whats in logs?
    any process hanging? (check top)
    what packages are installed?
    anything special in the rrd graphs @ time of download ?

  • USB Ethernet or 1 slot PCI Ethernet, Onboard Ethernet.

    USB 3.0 Boost - faster USB 3.0-transport with UASP in Windows 8
    Can you perhaps set this feature off in the BIOS?

    Network iControl - network throughput control in real time
    Also this feature should be perhaps disabled in the BIOS and causes the errors.