APU 1D4 - Auto Update to 2.2.4 through WebUI

  • I've only recently gotten and installed my new router with 2.2.3, and have never used the auto updater through the webui. After searching the forums I see various people with issues between 2.1 and 2.2 but nothing specifically saying that there is a "recommended method" for updating pfsense on the APU. Should I be able to use the webui to update? Or is it best to backup config (of course I'll do this anyway) and install another version from a usb stick then restore config?

  • You didn't mention which 32 or 64 bit version is currently installed and on what kind of media.
    It should be 64 bit full install for an APU if your HDD/SSD/… provides this.

    Assuming you already run 64 bit full install on an mSATA you can use the Auto-update feature from WEB UI.

    For everything else I'd say: "It depends"

  • Apologies. Yes, I am running the 64 bit version of pfsense 2.2.3 from an mSATA drive. Thanks very much for the reply.

  • nano or full?

    Anyway, hit the "update" button and it'll work.
    As you mentioned before, backup your config to a safe place before doing so.
    Usually you will only need it if you didn't back it up.

  • full