• I have the following aliases defined.  For type, Ive chosen Network.  Nomatter if I use, or, both still get blocked.  What is the correct way?

    The Alias I have defined:
    Name      Values                                      Description 
    Packet8, Packet8 Servers

    What I see in the log:
    Apr 1 18:01:42 LAN UDP
    Apr 1 18:01:42 LAN UDP
    Apr 1 18:01:42 LAN UDP

    My firewall rule on my LAN interface looks like this:
    TCP/UDP  *  Packet8  *  *

  • cvs_sync.sh releng_1 && /etc/rc.filter_configure

    Does the problem persist?

  • that fixed it.  I just synced this morning, so were there fixes to aliases since then?

    Also, in the future, will it be possible to enter a port range in the Aliases area like this:  5060-65534

    …instead of 1 port per entry?

  • Yeah, I need to add range features to ALIASES.  I'll look into it soon.