Able to ping pfsense box but unable to access webgui or internet

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    Things are going crazy. I am able to ping my pfsense box from my pc and vice versa but unable to do webgui or access any internet site. I am able to ping any site from my pc as well as from pfsense box but its not allowing to surf.

    Here's my setup detail :

    pfsense 2.2.3 64 bit with snort, ipguard, squid, squidguard.

    It was working fine but don't know what caused this.

    My /var/log/ipguard_lan.log  shows

    Aug 18 16:40:18 notice xxxx: de:ad:a0:6a:40:e5
    Aug 18 16:40:18 notice xxxx: de:ad:45:42:ae:e2 169:254:161.105

    These lines keep repeating continously.

    In pfTop on console

    tcp I    4:4    1274

    Similar message keep repeating. is my local pc and is my pfsense box These message keep coming even when my pc is not connected to pfsense box.

    I can't make out whats going wrong. Is it due to snort  ? When I try to access pfsense box from webgui it says Connecting and nothing happens. Similarly when I try to access any internet site it says Connecting… and times out. However I am able to ping all internet sites and pfsense box from my pc.

    Please help


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    That is APIPA and not a routable network..  trying to use that IP to get access outside the local network is going to crash and burn..

    I would suggest you turn off snort and squid and bet you works then.

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    Dear Johnpz,

    How do I turn off squid and snort. I am unable to access pfsense through webgui.

    Should I access the shell from pfsense console and give the following command:

    killall -HUP squid
    killall -HUP snort

    Thank you.