Updater always keeps switching my arcitecture

  • Every time I use the auto updater, it knocks me from amd64 to i386.
    I do not have any server manually set.

    It has done this multiple times over multiple upgrades.

    I now need to schedule downtime again to do a fresh install.  Is there anyway to prevent or at least get some sort of warning if it's going to change the architecture so I can abort the upgrade?

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    I find this hard to believe to be honest..

  • @johnpoz:

    I find this hard to believe to be honest..

    That doesn't change the fact that it's happened.
    I do not have a custom URL set, nor did I choose the opposite architecture in the settings.
    The only ISO I have for install is the amd64 one.

    If I back up my config, the only option from the firmware section is


    I've seen a number of posts from people this happened to.  The answer is always that they must have changed the URL to the i386 one at some point, or restored a backup that had it set, but I checked my last 6 months of backups, and none have any set.  Plus my last install was with a USB with a /conf/config.xml file on a USB drive.  That was still sitting on top of my box.  It wasn't set in that one either.  Something is downloading the auto-updates from the wrong repo.

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    The überretard GUI is still in action… I've filed a bug, apparently not a priority to make it non-braindead. Perhaps go rant on the bug instead - https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/4636

    Been discussed before:


    Meanwhile, I would suggest to follow the advise here. That makes the setting visible and sticky.

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    My point to be hard to believe is that without some interaction from your part I find it hard to believe that it would just change arch for no reason.  So something had to be done to have this happen.. Just clicking upgrade when it says there is an upgrade ready seems almost impossible that it would do the wrong arch.

    While its quite possible there is some issue in the allowing user to change arch and not being plainly obvious in the gui, etc. as dok has point out.  I still don't see how this could just happen on its own without any interaction from the user to mess it up.